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Half way through 2014...

LP Marketplace
A personal project started with friends Dan and Masha to create a better marketplace to buy and sell vinyl records.

Userflows/Wireframes and technical problem solving to help JDRF bridge the gap from old enterprise software to a new iPhone app.

Redesign for angular based brochure and application site.


I’ve had the pleasure of working on a number of great projects last year. While I go through and create worthy project summaries, take a look at the following links to see them in action.

The HiFi Case - Upcycled Suitcase Stereo Systems


Redesign (available upon request)

Shooting Gallery
Prototype (available upon request)


Ditlo - Visual Interviews of trending People, Places and Things

CSS Box Model - The Box Model T-Shirt

The Chicago Yacht Club

  • reverb
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Reverb - Marketplace for Musicians - 2012

  • Brand Design
  • Product Design
  • Creative Direction
  • Wireframerier
  • Site Cartographer
  • Renaissance Dude Bro
  • Experience Bringer

Reverb is the marketplace for musicians. The goal was simple, make a better place for musicians to buy and sell their gear. Goodbye from ebay/craigslist.

In 3 months myself and a fellow developer we’re charged with taking David’s idea an executing. In just 2 fast paced months I covered branding, userflows, ia, wireframes and final design to be handed over in iterations to the dev team. Definitely the highlight to 2012.

Here’s a recent article about David Kalt and Reverb

Agency: Doejo
Client: Reverb.com

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  • work_0001_buzzdraft2
  • work_0002_buzzdraft3
  • work_0003_buzzdraft4
  • work_0004_buzzdraft5
  • work_0006_buzzdraft7
  • work_0000_buzzdraft01

BuzzDraft - Instant Fantasy Sports - 2011

  • Product Development
  • Creative Direction
  • Application Design

Buzzdraft is an online fantasy sports betting site based on real world / real time data. Buzzdraft sought to establish themselves by analyzing and improving upon the work of others in the burgeoning field of online fantasy betting. The end result is a cleaner, faster, more responsive and overall easier site to use than any competitor.

Agency: Doejo
Client: Buzzdraft.com

  • CAC
  • CAC
  • CAC

Chicago Athletic Clubs

  • Creative Direction
  • Design
  • Content Strategy

Agency: Doejo
Client: Chicago Athletic Clubs

  • tinshed
  • tinshed1
  • tinshed2
  • tinshed3

Tin Shed - 2009

  • Production Design

I handled design updates and content integration for FWA award winning Patagonia’s Tin Shed. The focus for me included wrangling raw assets and working them into the overall style and environment of the Tin Shed. Lots of time photoshopping.

Agency: The Royal Order

  • cb2_1
  • cb2_2
  • cb2_3
  • cb2_overview

CB2 - 2009

  • Design Production
  • Prototyping

Worked on creative concepts and production for the redesign of CB2.com. Added thought provoking insight in regards to UI and new trends in css/jquery enhancements. Built a prototype for usability testing to gain new insights into design improvements before final handoff. Just Launched!

Agency: The Royal Order

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